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Question   Thanks, Bob!
Hi Greg! My husband and I had the pleasure of meeting your parents on a train trip to Portland, OR in August. I took over 2000 pictures on this trip, hoping to get just one that looks as beautiful as yours! I love to "play" with the camera, but would love to know where to start with the settings on the "flowing" water. I thought I knew, but mine sure didn't turn out like yours!

- Rachael Larsen October 09, 2011

  Answer Hi Rachel,
Thank you for the compliment! I will send you some tips on "flowing water" from one of the workshops that I lead.

- Greg Lessard  October 09, 2011

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Question   Talk
Was at the South Shore Camera Club meeting on Oct 19th. Your talk on bird photography was very informative. You did a great job explaning the steps.

I love nature photo's. Will have to try birds now.

Thank you.

- Stephen Badger October 20, 2010

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Question   Excellent site!
I just love the pictures. You are very talented and have a great eye! You were also a great guide on the Acadia trip - thanks again!!

- Cristine Kalnicki October 19, 2010

  Answer Hi Christine,
It was a pleasure meeting you! Thank you for being such a helpful co pilot. I will be posting photos from the trip very soon. Check back often!

- Greg Lessard  October 19, 2010

  Answer You get a lot of rseecpt from me for writing these helpful articles.

- Indy Indy  January 23, 2012

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Question   Nice Pictures
Hi Greg.
it was nice speaking with you at sunrise on Saturday in NH and your page is amazing. I look forward to joining up with your mmet up group and talking to you more in the future.
Talk soon!!
Ken Higgins

- Ken Higgins October 10, 2010

  Answer Hi Kevin,
It was a pleasure meeting you as well! I will post my favorite sunrise shot from that shoot on the Kancamagus. I hope to see you at a meetup in the near future!

- Greg Lessard  October 19, 2010

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Question   workshop / puffins
I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop you conducted for the Plymouth Digital Photographers Meetup Group on bird photography. Not only were your photographs outstanding...your presentation was as well. I also enjoyed your article on the puffins of Machias Seal Island. Even in writing, you manage to convey beautifully vivid "photographs". If you decide to organize a trip to ME...sign me up!

- Dorothy Burke May 10, 2010

  Answer Thank you very much Dorothy! I am glad that you enjoyed my presentations! I will keep you posted about future puffin trips!

- Greg Lessard  May 10, 2010

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Question   Awesome Photography !
You have mastered using the camera and lens as an artist uses the oil pigment and brush strokes on a canvas to accomplish a finished work of art.

- Anthony Metz January 12, 2010

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Question   Fantastic vacacions
Hello Greg! I was the German on vacacions! ;-) It was wonderful!

Best whises from Heidelberg!

- Tino Klessing December 16, 2009

  Answer Nice to hear from you Tino! Its a thrill to have visitors to my website from Germany! Have a Merry Christmas!

-  December 16, 2009

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Question   Kruzenschtern
FANTASTIC photos Greg! It was so nice meeting you! Like I said in my email to you, I know we all will be looking forward to seeing Ireland!

Take care,

MaryBeth Alosa

- MaryBeth Alosa July 15, 2009

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Question   Voyage on the Tall Ship
Just checking to see if you had any photos of our amazing sail! Checked out your other photos too. Great work. Enjoyed meeting you, have a great trip to Ireland. Carol Alosa

- Carol Alosa July 08, 2009

  Answer Thanks Carol. I am trying to edit the photos as fast as I can. It was a great trip! I will be writing about it for my local paper.

- Greg Lessard  July 09, 2009

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Question   Integrity of Thompson Street
Thank you, Greg! As a resident of Thompson Street I cannot thank you enough. Your photos are amazing. I believe I saw you taking one of the photos on a sleepy snowy Sunday on my way to work. Thank you for capturing the essence of our beautiful awe inspiring landscape on a wintry day. Keep up the great work!

- Sandra Brangan January 07, 2009

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Question   Awesome Photos
Greg, Just went through your website again. We really enjoy your art, and how you are able to bring such life and beauty to your subjects. Keep up the great work.

- Diane & Joe Maurice October 22, 2008

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Question   Beautiful photos
When it comes to photographing outdoor scenery Greg Lessard is one serious cat.

- Robert Gaffney April 27, 2008

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Question   Battle of Lexington

Your photos were wonderful. They really brought the battle to life. I enjoyed them very much. The quality is great. I have not been on your website for a few months and it has really grown. I really enjoyed going through all your photos.

-  April 07, 2008

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Question   pictures
my husband loved the pictures I gave him for his birthday. best of luck and continued success on your obvious true talent!!

also thanks for the speedy delivery.

-  March 25, 2007

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Question   Outstanding web site
Really enjoyed my journey through your visual explorations. Congratulations on creating a series of unique and outstandingly beautiful images. I wish you continued success in your new career path.

-  January 31, 2007

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Question   Wow!
Greg, I am so proud to say I know you! We are looking forward to visiting the gallery and seeing your work in person. I am very impressed. What beautiful work!

-  January 14, 2007

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Question   Great Work!
Hi Greg:
I enjoyed viewing your web-site and your photography is outstanding! Adding some music to your slide shows would make enhance the pictures even more. Great Work!

-  December 23, 2006

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Question   Incredible Work!!
I love your artwork. I could keep looking at it and will lead others to this site so they can enjoy your photography as well! You have a true talent!

-  November 09, 2006

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Question   Talent of Artist

You really are a talented photographer. Ordinary things become extraordinary through your eyes.

-  November 06, 2006

  Answer Leannrig a ton from these neat articles.

- Charlee Charlee  September 05, 2011

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Question   Impressive!
Greg, These pictures are absolutely awesome! You are incredibly gifted.

-  November 06, 2006

  Answer Greg-Great work,God has givin you a talent to show the world,what he has made. thank-you for showing us.

-  April 15, 2007

  Answer Thank you for your kind words!

- Greg Lessard  April 15, 2007

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