A Greg Lessard Stock Photo Listing
This page provides information about my stock photography services.

An Article on the Preservation of Thompson St.
This is a great website for learning about photography. They also designed the templates for this website.

Greg Lessard Bio Article
This was a nice article written about me in the Middleboro Gazette, my hometown newspaper. It was written by Adrienne Bossi a fellow photographer. Her work can also be seen at the Middleborough Art Gallery.

Middleboro Gazette - Cranberries
This is an article I wrote for the Middleboro Gazette. It explains all bout our local cranberry industry.

Smart Studio
My photos can now be purchased at the Smart Studio in Northeast Harbor, Maine.

The Committee for the Preservation of Thompson Street
This article was written about The Committee for the Preservation of Thompson Street. This group hopes to preserve the beautiful farmlands of East Middleboro. Currently much of these farmlands are scheduled to be turned into 26 houses.

The Middleborough Art Gallery
In addition to selling my artwork online, you may also visit The Middleborough Art Gallery to view and purchase some of my favorite pieces.

Traveling the World on Foot
This is an article that I wrote for the Middleboro Gazette. It tells the story of Bud and Patricia Kenny who are traveling the world on foot with their mule Della.