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Question   Awesome Photos
Greg, Just went through your website again. We really enjoy your art, and how you are able to bring such life and beauty to your subjects. Keep up the great work.

- Diane & Joe Maurice 10/22/2008 8:03:25 PM

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Question   Beautiful photos
When it comes to photographing outdoor scenery Greg Lessard is one serious cat.

- Robert Gaffney 4/27/2008 5:58:42 PM

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Question   Battle of Lexington

Your photos were wonderful. They really brought the battle to life. I enjoyed them very much. The quality is great. I have not been on your website for a few months and it has really grown. I really enjoyed going through all your photos.

- Linda Doyle 4/7/2008 4:13:57 PM

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Question   pictures
my husband loved the pictures I gave him for his birthday. best of luck and continued success on your obvious true talent!!

also thanks for the speedy delivery.

- marcie Zaczkowski 3/25/2007 1:09:54 PM

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Question   Outstanding web site
Really enjoyed my journey through your visual explorations. Congratulations on creating a series of unique and outstandingly beautiful images. I wish you continued success in your new career path.

- Carolyn Wachta 1/31/2007 4:58:29 PM

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Question   Wow!
Greg, I am so proud to say I know you! We are looking forward to visiting the gallery and seeing your work in person. I am very impressed. What beautiful work!

- heatherly Lane Sylvia 1/14/2007 7:18:55 PM

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Question   Great Work!
Hi Greg:
I enjoyed viewing your web-site and your photography is outstanding! Adding some music to your slide shows would make enhance the pictures even more. Great Work!

- Lynn  Reading 12/23/2006 2:22:27 PM

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Question   Incredible Work!!
I love your artwork. I could keep looking at it and will lead others to this site so they can enjoy your photography as well! You have a true talent!

- Stephanie Coy 11/9/2006 6:25:29 PM

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Question   Talent of Artist

You really are a talented photographer. Ordinary things become extraordinary through your eyes.

- Linda Doyle 11/6/2006 5:10:38 PM

  Answer Leannrig a ton from these neat articles.

- Charlee Charlee  9/5/2011 10:01:48 PM

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Question   Impressive!
Greg, These pictures are absolutely awesome! You are incredibly gifted.

- Cheryl Sheehan 11/6/2006 4:05:36 PM

  Answer Greg-Great work,God has givin you a talent to show the world,what he has made. thank-you for showing us.

- Mark&Debbie C.  4/15/2007 8:03:17 PM

  Answer Thank you for your kind words!

- Greg L.  4/15/2007 9:06:53 PM

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