© Greg  Lessard PhotoID# 10102066: dsc 8751-1 New Works

© Greg  Lessard PhotoID# 2940633: Scituate Light New England
Acadia, Boats, Cape Cod, Colonial Re-enactments, North River, Scituate, White Mountain National Forest New Hampshire, Vermont, Humpback Whales, Maple Sugaring, Massachusetts

© Greg  Lessard PhotoID# 2940399: Cadillac Mountain Sunset National Parks
Acadia National Park, Glacier/Waterton International Peace Park, Grand Tetons, Minute Man National Park, White Mountains National Forest, Yellowstone

© Greg  Lessard PhotoID# 8873267: Slea Head Ireland

© Greg  Lessard PhotoID# 3261547: The Three Amigas Wildlife/Birds

© Greg  Lessard PhotoID# 7923859: Vulture Silhouette Florida

© Greg  Lessard PhotoID# 7602933: dsc 0934-1 Thompson Street
These photos are part of a year long portfolio project focusing on Thompson Street in Middleboro. Thompson Street is one of the last bastions of agricultural Middleboro. Many residents of Thompson Street are concerned about the development that has occurred in the neighborhood and are hoping to find a way to preserve its historical character. I will be creating a calendar based on the best images from this series. To find out more about Thompson Street, you may read an article that I wrote for the Middleboro Gazette:

© Greg  Lessard PhotoID# 8641352: dsc 0094-2 Kruzenshtern

© Greg  Lessard PhotoID# 3252252: Iris After a Spring Rain Flora
Flowers, Sunflowers, The Essence of Trees

© Greg  Lessard PhotoID# 8324775: dsc 0373 Andrew and Kat 2009

© Greg  Lessard PhotoID# 1530166: Winter Reflection Favorites

© Greg  Lessard PhotoID# 9566905: Farms

© Greg  Lessard PhotoID# 12343823: montana group photo Montana Tour Participants Galleries
This gallery highlights the work of the participants in the Mass Audubon photo tour to Montana. This tour was a lot of fun! We all got along famously and truly bonded during the week that we spent together in one of the most beautiful places in America. In between amazing photography sessions, we laughed at each other's jokes and had a great time discussing a wide variety of topics. At one point, I was laughing so hard while driving, that I had to pull off the road just to be safe. The participants were not only warm, caring people, they are very talented photographers. It was truly my pleasure to lead this tour.

Snowy Owls

© Greg  Lessard PhotoID# 15511175: DSC 0630-1-Edit Snowy Owls

© Greg  Lessard PhotoID# 14145579: dsc 2830-edit-edit The Chronicles of Sarah

© Greg  Lessard PhotoID# 14099590: quiet moment-2 The Tommy Sessions

© Greg  Lessard PhotoID# 8324821: dsc 0354-3 Weddings


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