Greg Lessard is a landscape artist with a passion for capturing profound moments in nature. Largely a self-taught photographer, Greg picked up a camera in his early twenties with the simple hope of sharing his discoveries with others. Through years of dedication and devotion to his craft, Greg has become an artist with a unique vision and talent. He is able to engage the viewer and evoke powerful emotional responses with his art.

“Mr. Lessard has hopes of adding new raw natural landscapes to his laundry list of birding expeditions through Florida with his father, hikes through Glacier National Park in Montana, [Acadia National Park in Maine] and visits to different parts of Vermont, New Hampshire, [Massachusetts] and Nova Scotia.

“His photos are more than simply a documentation of a beautiful place. They are a perfectly choreographed understanding of photographic technique combined with a true passion for the subject matter. "My best sessions are when I'm on my own in nature and experiencing God's beautiful world and my spirit feels like it's part of something greater and I want to bring a part of that home for everyone to see." He breaths life into every image he produces and if you ask him, there are stories that go along with them all. He's been knee deep in mud in order to photograph some of the birds his father is able to call out of the woods. He's clambered within a drainage flow to capture the perfect shot of a cascading stream. He's had a near miss with a black bear on a hike while his wife begrudgingly trudged behind him.

“What started off with two hand-me-down cameras… has now expanded into almost three rooms of his home. Greg Lessard… is an avid, able photographer whose forte is capturing Mother Nature in her most magical moments. Stroll through the Middleborough Art Gallery to see for yourself.”– Adrienne Bossi, Middleboro Gazette

“From the grand vista on top of a high mountain at sunset to the minute detail of a sugar maple leaf in fall, my eye explores a myriad of sights and colors. The infinite variety leads my soul to search for solace. While on that journey I often thank God for the glory that He has created. Witnessing His beauty allows me to transcend from the ordinary to a place of peace and harmony. By sharing my artwork, I truly hope that you may also transcend from the mundane and find your solace. Enjoy the journey.”

Mr. Lessard resides with his beautiful wife Brenda in Eastern Massachusetts, on the shores of Lake Navaho.